Abadia Retuerta
Abadia Retuerta

Abadía Retuerta is a mute witness to history and a place where the land and the vine come together. The duty of our Duero Valley winery is to respect and preserve the legacy we have inherited in one of the top wine regions of Spain, our surroundings, the monastery and its wines. To return what we can to the earth, enhancing and increasing what we have so generously been given.

Our wines, made from a careful selection of the best grapes in our vineyards, are a bold commitment to terroir wines.


The Duero Valley is house for some of Spain top wines. In this region, winters are cold and summers baking hot, there are sharp temperature differences between day and night; sunshine is plentiful and rain is scarce, creating the ideal conditions for grape growing.
The river basin where our vines grow is the product of thousands of years of erosion, alluvium, sedimentations and changes in soil composition. This has created a very diverse terroir in this unique wine region, where the texture, the proportion of minerals and water absorbed or retained by each plot in the estate varies.


Our philosophy is based on winemaking by plot. The composition of the soil of each of our 54 plots is different: clay by the riverbank, pebbles, and sand on the slopes, gravel in the lower parts of the estate, and limestone on the higher ground … Therefore, each terroir contains only one grape variety, which is carefully selected to extract the best the land has to offer to make Spain top wines.


Bodega Akutain is a small family-owned winery producing quality classic red wines with D. O. Rioja since the late seventies. Following the old “château style”, all the wine produced comes exclusively from own-property vineyards located around the winery (maximum distance 3 km) in the municipality of Haro (Rioja Alta area of the DO Rioja).

The care and farming year after year of these same vineyards allows Bodega Akutain to produce its wines in small quantities in a careful and almost artisanal way, starting from the harvest of the grapes until they reach their maximum expression in the bottle to be distributed and enjoyed.

Bodega Akutain was founded by Juan José Peñagarikano Akutain in the mid-70s with the acquisition of the first vineyard of La Manzanera. Adjacent to this vineyard was originally a small horse stable in ruins and the bodega (winery) was built in its place. These stables were typical in Rioja: it’s where the animals working in the surrounding vines used to stay; they are in disuse after the onset of agricultural machinery.

Today (after a long international career at several companies in other sectors) Juans’s son, Jon Peñagarikano Akutain is in charge of the day-to-day operations of Bodega Akutain. He is leading the project since 2013, after watching it being born on his childhood and after witnessing and participating in the evolution of the winery from the beginning.

Bodega Akutain is proud to have all the facilities and equipment needed to carry out the whole process of production of their wines from beginning to end: starting from the vineyard and following through the ageing, the bottling and the final labeling until they can be delivered to the hands of the consumer.

Among the facilities, the beautiful cellar where the bottles are aged (made in caves undermined in the rock under the vineyards) should be highlighted, as well as the barrel room or a cozy room to receive our visitors.

Alvaro Palacios
Alvaro Palacios
Alvaro Palacios comes from a prestigious wine family, from La Rioja. He could have secured a prime position in the family winery, the world famous Palacios Remondo. However, being the dynamic visionary that he is, he decided to go out in the wine world and make his own way. He studied enology in Bordeaux and had the enviable job of working under Pomerol superstar Châteaus Pétrus winemaker Jean Pierre Moueix. When he returned to Spain, he founded his own winery in 1989 in the Mediterranean wine region of Priorat, south of Barcelona in Tarragona. Together with respected winemaker René Barbier and a few others, they ventured on what is has been called the "Gratallops Project", named after the scenic Priorat village where the wines are made. The group bought the vineyards together and shared vinification facilities until they each set up their own estates. His aim, it is widely said, was to make a wine somewhere in between Ch. Pétrus and Grange. That is a tough order to fill, but he has achieved phenomenal praise for his three wines, Finca Dofí, L'Ermita and Les Terrasses . Alvaro, along with Peter Sisseck at Pingus in Ribera del Duero and Telmo Rodriguez in Toro wines, are considered to be the "new generation" of Spanish winemakers. His wines have won him cult status, and are absolutely salivated about in the wine mags. John Radford, Spanish wine specialist, says: "To sum up: Les Terrasses is excellent, Finca Dofí is outstanding and L'Ermita is unbelievable".  from http://www.cellartours.com/
Araex Rioja Alavesa
Araex Rioja Alavesa

More than 20 years setting the standards for excellence Made in Spain

Entrepreneur Javier Ruíz de Galarreta founded ARAEX Rioja Alavesa in 1993 bringing together nine small and medium sized independent winegrowers from the Rioja Alavesa region. In just a few years, ARAEX became one of the main drivers of the production and export of the appellation.

In 2001, as the global popularity of Spanish wines expanded, along with his business prospects outside Rioja Alavesa, Javier created Spanish Fine Wines, a second company that grouped winegrowers from other respected Spanish regions, including Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Navarra, Rias Baxias, Cava and La Mancha. Now operating under the brand name ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines Javier continues to create new wine ventures characterized by quality, global projection and respect toward the regional identity and heritage of his Spanish vineyards, as well as new collaborations.

From the crafting of prestigious wines to the organisation of tasting panels, ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines‘ activities stand out for their excellence and vision. Among our latest initiatives, the current cooperation with the world renowned winemaker Michel Rolland is especially remarkable.

Javier also introduced the Spanish Fine Wines Institute to enhance education and appreciation for Spanish wines and wine culture among wine trade and consumers, lead scientific research in the wine sector and promote environmental stewardship and social responsibility in the sector.