Helping Spanish wineries connect to American consumers and trade

At DESEMBARCO, we use a Software-as-Service (SaaS) product that collects information on wines and wineries and displays them on multiple platforms. Licensed per winery on an annual basis, the DESEMBARCO Platform enables you to:

  • Build a great winery profile 
  • Create wine profiles for each of your wines
  • Update your profiles easily and quickly
  • Generate marketing kits that include logos, tech sheets, bottle shots and labels
  • Produce an optimized website that will engage trade and end-use consumers alike


In addition to these tools, DESEMBARCO provides all of our clients with backend support and customer service, including review and editing of all logos and images so that they can be used easily on desktop, mobile, and print. 


With decades of design and UI experience, we provide our clients with the right digital marketing tools for their needs. Our SaaS product creates highly impactful marketing assets to increase your winery’s visibility. 

In addition to our SaaS products we also offer: 


  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Consulting
  • Creative Services
  • Trade Events Support
  • Web Development