Gomez Cruzado

Address: Avenida de Vizcaya, 6
Phone: 34 941 312 502
Fax: 34 941 303 567
Web: gomezcruzado.com
Email: bodega@gomezcruzado.com
Year of Foundation: 1886

About the Winery

With an annual production of less than 200,000 bottles, Gómez Cruzado is the boutique winery of el Barrio de la Estación. Our project brings together all the ingredients necessary for creating wines of extremely high quality: classified origin and marked typicity, dedicated to the fine style of Haro’s Barrio de la Estación.

About the Vineyard

Gómez Cruzado wines begin in a traditional landscape: small vines of old bush-trained vineyards in the most elevated areas of Rioja Alta and Alavesa, where great wines strongly rooted in their terroir can be created. Such heritage originates in our ancestors' practices of sustainable and thoughtful wine-making. Thus, the wines of Gómez Cruzado are born in the vineyard through a mix of almost a hundred different supervised plots across three well-defined regions.

Our grapes grow in three very different terroirs: Alto Najerilla, Bajo Najerilla and Sierra Cantabria. Together these terroirs fit together like puzzle pieces to create our wines' personalities. Three microclimates and three soil types portray the nuanced wealth which DOCa Rioja boasts.

Wines From This Winery