Martín Berdugo

Address: Crta de la Colonia, s/n
Phone: 34 947 506 331
Fax: 34 947 506 602
Year of Foundation: 1990

About the Winery

We are fascinated by the world of wine and the possibility of trying new things. For this reason Martin Berdugo is a winery for daring people, who are willing to take chances; our wines express the nature and individuality of the fruit of our vines, using the latest technologies while all the time respecting the traditional methods.

Our buildings are at the forefront of modern winery architecture in the Ribera del Duero. In 2005 the design, by the architects Vicky Daroca and María Viñé, was awarded the prize for the best European design in the construction category, by the prestigious German magazine Bauwet.

About the Vineyard

Our winery is located on the banks of the river Duero, in the bend just before the Arandilla waters flow into the Duero. We sit on the Castilian meseta, 800 metres above sea level. The extreme climatological conditions make the Ribera del Duero one of the most remarkable and prestigious wine regions in the world.

The winery is in the centre of the vineyard, which is one plot of 104 hectares. A privileged land, formed from river soil, covered in rounded pebbles which hold the heat and humidity, thus enhancing the maturing process. This land gives our grapes their unique flavour and color. Our 87 hectares of trellised vines are the Tinta Fina or tempranillo variety, the emblematic grape of the Ribera del Duero.

Wines From This Winery