Bodegas Luzón

Address: Ctra. Jumilla-Calasparra Km 3,1
Phone: 34 968 784 135
Fax: 34 968 781 911
Year of Foundation: 1916

About the Winery

The geographical location, our point

Bodegas Luzón is one of the leading producers and exporters of quality wines from D.O. Jumilla (Murcia, Spain).

This winegrowing region is located in south-eastern Spain, in the north of the Murcia province, on a high plateau surrounded by mountains. It enjoys a continental climate influenced by the Mediterranean Sea with warm days and cool nights, over 3,000 sunshine hours annually and an average rainfall that does not exceed 300 l/m2 per year. Its soils are poor in organic material, coarse textured and stony, sandy clay and abundant in limestone. These soils produce small clusters, with good sugar concentration, excellent acidity and thicker skins.

All of these characteristics result in the production of intensely coloured wines, which are very aromatic, fruity, tasty and fleshy on the palate.

About the Vineyard

The vineyard, our distinctive character

Viticulture is becoming increasingly important for obtaining quality wines. One of the most influential factors in a wine’s personality is the way the vineyard is managed.
We cultivate about 500 hectares of vineyards, which are monitored throughout the entire growth cycle by our technicians, who participate in the decision-making processes involving the cultivation practices.

This vineyard is divided into two estates:

1. Castillo de Madax, located to the west at an altitude of 600 meters, with brown sandy loam soils and stony hillsides.

2. Finca La Solana, located to the south- west at an altitude of 450 meters. Its soil is stony and shallow, with limestone substrate.

Different grape varieties are grown in each of these two vineyards, the Monastrell grape being the most important for us. It is characterized by compact clusters, small berries and a thick skin.

The plot area ranges from 7 to 15 hectares. The microclimate and the low yields allow the production of each grape variety in separate parcels, enabling us to select the best grapes for our wines.

Behind each of our wines there is always one or more grape varieties, our skilled winemaking techniques ensure that the natural character of the grape is preserved so that its very best qualities (colour, aroma and body) shine through in the resulting wine.

Here at Bodegas Luzón, each grape variety receives expert care and attention so that the very best wines posible are produces from each parcel.

Wines From This Winery