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By janey,

Kairos 2012

This is one of those wines I am very intrigued to try. A tinny winery of the size of a garage that has a 90points on the Peñin Guide. If the care they took on the design is any indication, this wine has to be a very nice one to try.

The level of their beautiful design and their attention to detail convine with the fact that the wines are produce in an traditional process makes this wine one of my next targets on my visits to Spain.

The design and brand talks about pride and humility, of tradition and style convine. I feel that this label could work very well for retailers that look for a high quality, low production, organic product. I wish there was a bit more detail on the personal history of the winemaker and his family. I think on a wine like this the story is half of the reason to try the wine and the website just give us a hint but lets us hungry for more.

The winery refer to it as a “garage wine”. Made in a small space in a small town with little machinery on a most natural process. The wine is made with Tempranillo grapes, one of the most common grapes in Spain.

I will follow up once I track it down and taste it.

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