Telling A Great Story: The Importance of Your Brand’s Story

Forget what you may have heard about paid advertising, huge numbers of followers on social media or key relationships with industry partners: brand storytelling is the single most important aspect of marketing.

Don’t believe us? Then let’s try this little experiment. 


Think about your favorite television show. Picture the lead character and now think: how much do you know about them? It is likely that you can recall quite a bit; from your favorite episodes to very specific details about their background, even if those details never actually played out on screen in front of you. You know in your bones what motivates this character, how they would react to challenges and what their own values and beliefs are. That is the power of story- it can pull you in and keep you coming back for more, episode after episode. 


Great storytelling is no longer reserved for just television;  in fact it is one of the most significant shifts in marketing in the past five years. Brand storytelling brings together a complete story around your brand, weaving together the important details and the emotions that your brand evokes. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and be memorable to your audience; studies have shown that as a technique, storytelling is 22% more effective than traditional data-driven marketing methods. [1]


Consider the following examples of brand story for this fictional California winery: 


The Fragrant Grape is the largest producer of pinot noir in the Central Coast region. With over 20 hectares of vineyards, we generate over 25,000 bottles each year. After growing from our humble beginnings in 2004, you can now find our wines in all 50 states!


Lots of numbers here, but very little content. Will your customers remember how many acres you farm? Is that even important for them to know? Is this what you will be remembered for?


Now, let’s try this: 


Our founders, Tyler and Chris, quit the life of big city sommeliers and moved to the Central Coast to pursue their dream of opening a winery. With the help of family, friends and local farmers, they were able to open The Fragrant Grape in 2004 and now you can find their wines across the US. 


Here we have a story; with protagonists, a narrative arc and a conclusion. You come away knowing that the winery’s founders followed their dream, moved west and realized their goals. 

The Fragrant Grape has created a lasting impression by transporting people, simplifying the information and creating a favorable emotional response. 


Instead of just touting your Wine Spectator scores, make your brand thoughtful, memorable and real by engaging in authentic storytelling around your winery.