Moving the Wine Industry Forward with Online Marketing 

The wine industry is all about building relationships and Desembarco can help you build, grow and maintain your relationships with consumers and distributors online through your website. Now you may be thinking, “ I already have a website, why would I need to change it,” and the answer is simple: that’s where your current and future customers are! Think of it as your tasting room online; how you arrange your products on your website are as important to your business as how you would lay out your latest bottles in the bodega.

Studies have shown that 82% of consumers [1] conduct research online before making a purchase and in order to capture their attention, your online presence needs to be clear, focused and highly visible. While the global market for wine is strong, particularly in the US, which consumes over 800 million gallons of wine per year [2], the wine industry is changing rapidly and now, more than ever it is critical that family owned wineries adapt their online strategies to meet the demands of consumers. 


We create vibrant websites that allow you to highlight your winery’s unique story for different audiences and then manage how the story is told across a variety of platforms. Imagine being able to create compelling content for your sales team, your distributors and your end users all in one place. From shelf talkers and bottle shots to reviews, Desembarco helps you manage and optimize your relationships across the industry. 


Be part of the Desembarco Platform. Here’s how it works: 




To raise your visibility with importers, create a profile that showcases to importers the best of your wine portfolio as well as all of the information necessary for importers to evaluate your winery’s fit to the importer’s business strategy.  Don’t worry, our user-friendly templates will help you to input the appropriate information.


Profile creation and data input is free.  Uploads are fast and easy. Profiles may include photos, video, brand logos, and hi-res files of promotional materials.


To ensure the quality and integrity of our data, the DESEMBARCO team reviews every profile before it’s made visible for searching.




Importers can use DESEMBARCO Platform as an instant reference tool.  With the click of a mouse, importers can access winery profiles and discover gems that might be overlooked during a busy wine event.  




Importers using DESEMBARCO Platform contact the wineries where they see a strategic fit.   Whether contact is made at a wine event or outside of events, the likelihood of a business deal is that much higher when an importer gets in touch with you.


[1] New Research Shows Growing Impact Of Online Research On In-Store Purchases, 2018

[2] State of the Wine Industry, 2019